"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

— William Butler Yeats

The Vision

Innovations: Education, Advocacy Group, Inc., is committed to providing mission driven actions unique to each institution or organization that focus on efficiencies, stakeholder transparency, student satisfaction, and nontraditional initiatives for growth, among other measures. This is what builds legacy schools through organic institutional growth. It is the most robust growth driver.

As Innovations: Education Advocacy Group’s principal and owner, I am a career educator who activates institutions, individuals, and special projects with uniquely designed consulting packages. To be effective, getting inside an institution’s brain and heart is deep work. Each school and project have a unique mission to which I become committed and infuse in the work we create together. Each institution, project, or student deserves a consultant who does not use templates or a one size fits all model. Employing a high-touch consulting style, I am very hands on by observing key aspects of the process and spending time within the school environment meeting students, administrators, boards, stakeholders, and key partners. Without taking the time to get to know the principals within the institution, the academics with whom I work, and the student demographics on an internal and external level, a proper individual assessment cannot be made to devise a strategy for optimal results. Some institutions and organizations prefer more private shadow work which is individually designed with the organization’s principals.

Innovations: Education Advocacy Group’s collaborative initiatives improve internal and external efficiencies; accreditation; strategic partnerships; pathways for underrepresented and underserved student populations; institutional civic engagement and service measures; student engagement; professional development; internal and external gifts; strategic communications at all levels, including alumni, faculty student, board, and stakeholder engagement, to name a few enterprises to improve admissions, learning outcomes, and the bottom line. Innovations: EAG’s packages are often structured in a 1-5 step proprietary process that occurs over a period of time (projects as short as six weeks can be effective or as long as it takes). The key work must be done by the agents of the institutions or the individuals; the consultant is the catalyst for the quality, rigor, and coaching needed for a successful outcome and a more engaged community from board to students.