Professor Umansky elevates her student’s education and helps them to be able to actually learn what is needed, rather than just put a pass or fail on her student’s work. More universities, as well as high schools, need to incorporate Professor Umansky’s philosophy on teaching as it would do our youth a service and help them appreciate what they are learning. – Z. S.

Dr. Umansky excels in organizational management. She is an effective leader and her work as dean has been a living testimony to this skill. Most of all, she has a deep commitment to student wellness, and this is the foundation for success in an academic environment. – N. M.

Dr Hope Umansky is a solid administrator. She excells at coordinating different personalities to perform seamlessly toward achievement. Dr Umansky has the uncanny ability of evaluating students ; therefore guiding them choosing curriculum and career paths. Should you want a world class school, student or lifetime contributor, Dr. Hope Umansky needs to be on your short list for recruitment! – F. M.

If you are a leader in Education delivery, it might be a good idea to spend time with Dr Umansky. Hope is well steeped in the area of education delivery and the soft skills that need to pair up when keeping students motivated to finish what they started. A conversation with Dr Umansky will shed light on your delivery and perhaps create some clarity in your Education planning. – G. M.

I had the pleasure of having Dr. Umansky as my Professor while completing my Bachelors in Communication. She was extremely supportive and has continued to be long after finishing my Bachelors. She showed me what dedication and hard work look like and helped me to reach my full potential. Thank you Professor for your help, continued support, and for always believing in your students. – S. G. M.

I had the pleasure of being a student of Ms. Umansky’s in her English class at UOPX. Dr. Umansky is a great teacher and a brilliant mind to help others grow and reach their potential. She is a great leader and even more amazing person. I definitely would recommend Ms. Umansky for any leadership position. -S. B.

I met Dr. Hope Umansky approximately in the spring of 2011, she was a facilitator at the University of Phoenix, San Diego Campus. I was fresh out of the military after 23 years and still using military jargon, not yet used to being in the corporate work force. Dr. Umansky was one of my first Facilitators and I had several courses under her leadership during my undergraduate degree. A people’s person, Hope was patient, knowledgeable, showed a great passion for her profession. Dr. Umansky’s tutelage as an English teacher in my general studies was key in my success for my bachelor’s degree. I would like to thank Dr. Hope Umansky for her dedication and diligence. Today I am a Veterans Service Representative for the Department of Veterans Affairs with 10 years tenure. I have Dr. Umansky to thank for my progression and professional knowledge. Thank You Dr. Umansky. – D. M.

I think a teacher who cares about the success of their students is such an amazing thing. …Making sure the student is accountable, has the rigor, hard work and academic integrity and when the teacher uses tough love it is the best way to challenge the student and help them succeed. I think this should not only be used in education but in life as well. – B. G.

Hope was a brilliant instructor. She gave exceptional feedback on my papers so I could make any necessary changes. I enjoyed her class and learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and reader. Because of her, I have been getting positive reviews from instructors throughout all my writing courses at the University of Phoenix. – M. S.

Dr. Hope Umansky is a consummate professional. While working with her, I had the opportunity to learn and grow as an Associate Faculty Member and expand my areas of expertise. Her creativity, innovation, and unique approach, combined with her specially designed educational projects allowed the students to move beyond the traditional lecture and test model, into new areas of learning that engaged students from all backgrounds and all ages. Her professionalism in the classroom is only matched by her talent, ability, and professionalism outside the classroom. Working with Dr. Hope is a true pleasure and anyone interested in advancing the educational curriculum at your school, college, university, or institution will find true value from a collaboration with Dr. Hope. She has my highest recommendation. – K. M.

I have known Dr. Hope Umansky for the past ten years. During that time, I have come to admire Hope’s professionalism and her expertise in the field of higher education. No matter what her position, she is highly invested in the students and their intellectual well-being. Her experiential background would make her a valuable asset to any educational institution. – D. C.