Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two schools or institutions are either. Below is an overview of my process it coming up with an individualized plan to help achieve your institution’s goals. Plans may include some of the following services. By no means is this an exhaustive list, but includes many types of projects of which I have a noted record of success.

Higher Education Administrative or Board Mentor or Advisor

Student and Faculty Advocacy

Accreditation Culture Initiative

This covers across the institution and board of directions, includes a narrative report assessment and editing as well as coaching throughout the process.

Global School Assessment

Includes looking into an all-aspects overview of the organization which may include faculty, board, administration, and student interviews.

Strategic Planning for Full Accreditation Timelines

Fundraising and Development Coaching and Education for the Board or any Stakeholders

Including a full assessment and guidance with proposals, the ask, and cultivating a culture of philanthropy across all levels of the institution

Diversity, gender, and inclusivity culture initiative across all stakeholders

(students, faculty, admin, and boards)

Individual Coaching and Communications and Strategy Confronting Boards or Negative School Politics

This is for your student or school regarding safety and student rights, i.e. managing potential conflict or issues.

Strategies for Enrollment Management, Growth, and Retention
Faculty Culture Assessment and Integration of New Strategies for Student Engagement

Safety Assessment

This is crucial in order to get a plan in place for the prevention or management of school shootings within all school cultures or organizations. Accrediting bodies often request such plan within today’s culture.

Curriculum Programmatic

This is an ongoing review and/or creation which may be included research, development and implementation occur for marketing and student capture campaign. For example, degree proposals or curriculum reviews in humanities and language arts (APA, research, writing) as well as forefront health and wellness science, such as biofield or subtle energy studies, integral or clinical psychology, integrative health and sciences/consciousness studies.

Global School Proprietary

3-5 step strategic internal and external campaigns (mostly remote except for an intensive at the start and end of each project).

Admissions Advisor

This process involves coaching through the student lifecycle.

Specialized Training in Governing Board Communication and Relationships

This includes cultivating a culture of philanthropy for fundraising across all stakeholders. This is completely custom with each project depending on school mission, issues identified, and a plan created to address all issue for a global standard of continuous improvement across all levels of the institution in line with WASC standards.

Administrator Coaching and Strategy

Board of Directors Culture and Cultivation of the Board’s Bond to the Mission and Vision

This is critical to keep accreditors and stakeholders happy and engaged.

Coaching and Advisement on the Procurement and Cultivation of Strategic Partnerships

May include my accompanying a school leader to a meeting and coaching through the process over time to keep the engagement live.

Experienced language arts and English literature

Teaching 6-12 and since 2007, have held master and lead professor of English literature, rhetoric, and composition (including APA and MLA); humanities (critical thinking and the environment; American, film, cultural, women’s, gender, and inclusivity studies; History & Context in Literature), Critical Thinking and Ethics. Specialized training and recognized methods with teaching composition and reading comprehension skills to adult leaders. Accelerated work for English literature and language gifted students in high school. Skilled in faculty and student management. Awarded for outstanding experiential and facilitative teaching methods and development of integrative curriculum models based in rigor and cutting-edge learning theory.

External/Internal Communications Strategies and Review, Edit, and Coaching


Organizational Psychology

Here, we’re talking within cultures, and this training can be short or long term.

Strategy Implementation for Growing Admissions and Infrastructure

This may include a teach-out plan if the school needs to create a partnership to transfer students into a new school and file such a report with the state licensing board and accreditors. Assistance with internal and external stakeholder communications.

Individual Student, Administrator, or Faculty Coaching

Career / Educational Assessment and Coaching for Individuals

Experienced college advisement for all students offering many different paths than four year if 4 year is not the goal; college or graduate school essay coaching; AP/gifted coaching for English literature, rhetoric, communications, and humanities coursework or accelerated progression; specialized training in adult literacy work ranging for helping ESL corporate clients be more effective through written and oral communications to adults who did not have the opportunity to learn how to read or write well or who may read at at sixth-eighth grade level.


Innovative Teaching Methodologies

This includes training for faculty, administration and for students if the school requests it.

Assessment and Strategy of School/Institutional Ethical Issues and/or Grievances

Diversity, gender, and inclusivity culture initiative across all stakeholders

(students, faculty, admin, and boards)

Development Work with Mission Statement and Individual or Organization’s Culture

This is usually an integrated short, such as a workshop, or long term such a culture shift over 1-3 years to be in full alignment — involves global program assessment and some “short” intensives spent on the ground internally.

Non-Tuition Revenue Growth Strategies

Implementing strategies and campaigns to boost strategic planning and creation of non-tuition revenue streams to support the financial health of the foundation or institute.

Strategic Communications Internally and Externally

Career Coaching

Specialized college, graduate school, and career coaching is available with assistance on essays, applications, school choices, resume guidance, and the like.

Assessment and Strategy of School/Institutional Ethical Issues and/or Grievances

Global School Assessment

Includes looking into an all-aspects overview of the organization which may include faculty, board, administration, and student interviews.

Campaign or Drive Advisement and Coaching

The Process

During this phase, I sit down with key decision makers, get to know the institution, and bring in as much information as I can in order to analyze and most effectively create the necessary steps we’ll need to move toward the institution’s goal.

After the initial consultation, we’ll discuss a full list of necessities and the overall vision for the institution. This ensures we’re all on the same page moving forward so that we can best reach our goals.

Each plan is customized for your educational institution and what necessities it requires based on the goals we’re looking to achieve. No two plans are created exactly the same just like no two institutions are.