"The most successful men in the end are those whose success is the result of steady accretion."

— Alexander Graham Bell

Our Results

In higher education management, this sometimes is to increase better internal and external efficiencies, accreditation, curriculum development, governing board and agency relationships, strategic partnerships, and strategic communications such as gender, diversity, and inclusivity sensitivity, special projects, and individualized support for students. Transformative plans are collaboratively created to improve internal and external efficiencies in proprietary plans. My packages are very individualized and are often structured in a 1-5 stage proprietary steps over a period of time. The key work must be done by the agents of the institutions or the individuals; the consultant is the catalyst for the quality, rigor, coaching, public interfacing needed for a successful end.

Innovations: Education Advocacy Group, Inc’s,  principal & owner, Dr. Hope Phillips Umansky. There can be no creativity without innovation. An out of the box thinker my entire life, I have been an impassioned educator for 26 years. My passion and engagement with the project and its actors activates institutions, organizations, and individuals with uniquely designed special projects and services that are innovative in nature. Unlike most consultants who use templates and swap out with each project, I become engaged in the organization’s culture. I like to feel and understand the messiness of creation of a truly unique product or result. With hand’s on delivery and direct interfacing with each principal (whether it is corporate CEO’s or BOD’s, administrators, faculty, research foundations, students, or consumers), we collaborate together to create uniquely designed cutting-edge packages that potentiate the project with truly innovative methods. Each project, organization, foundation, school, or student has a unique mission, of which I become committed to and infused it in the work we create together. As a consultant, I am very accessible and like to be very hands on by observing key aspects of the process and being face-to-face for critical aspects of work. Without taking the time to get to know the principals within the institution or the academics with whom I work, a proper assessment cannot be made to devise a strategy for optimal results.

After over two decades working as a career-educator in C-suite higher education administration and teaching, I was compelled to expand my reach and help other schools, organizations, researchers, foundations, and students. Innovations: Education Advocacy Group, Inc is my mission of helping as many schools, research centers, and students as I am able by imparting hands-on and foreword thinking creative projects that the world embraces to heal its humanity.

Not believing in a one size fits all approach for educational pathways, my educational background is from rigorous traditional and non-traditional academic environments. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature, I was also awarded with a Women and Violence Fellowship at Scripps College of the Claremont Colleges. Also, at my Scripps College graduation, I had the honor of having my research, Women in Shakespearean Times, awarded as Outstanding Original Research Contribution. That work is housed at the Scripps College of the Claremont Colleges Dorsey Library. My interest in English literature, education, gender, and inclusivity studies continued at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. At Reed, I earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) in English literature and began student teaching. Believing that the study of psychology would improve my teaching and work in education by understanding people in a more profound way, I switch paths to earn a MA in General Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute for Human Science. Ironically, life comes full circle as I began working as an educational consultant for students in 1994 and had great success isolating the individualized pathway for each student to maximize his/her talent and success. Indeed, like research, administration, and high-ranking institutional operations, I have emerged out of my own chrysalis to serve the larger and educational research community. Each institution, project, and student can emerge in this same way.