Mission Statement:

"There can be no creativity without innovation."

— Hope Umansky

Our Mission

After leaving 26-years in high ranking C-suite higher education administration and teaching, it was time to expand my reach and help other organizations, institutions, researchers, foundations, and students. Innovations: Education Advocacy Group, Inc., is my charge to help organizations, schools, and research centers, and the like, by initiating foreword thinking creative projects that the world, inside and outside the academy, embraces and which also impacts the healing of individual and global humanity.

Achieving Our Mission

Intensive high-touch approach and collaboration to create uniquely designed cutting-edge packages that potentiate innovation

Short term (less than 12 months) and long term (longer than 12 months) projects

Direct interfacing with each principal (CEO’s or BOD’s, administrators, faculty, research foundations, students, or consumers)

Who We Help | Select organizations, schools, research centers, and students

How We Help | Impart hands-on and foreword-thinking creative initiatives

Areas of Accreditation | Student life, nonprofit board management; strategic communications, partners, and plans; integrated strategic initiatives, enrollment, retention, and learning outcomes; faculty development/coaching; academic integrity and recognition, and more

Projects are often structured in a 1-5 stage proprietary step-up over a period of time

Key work must be done by the agents of the institutions or the individuals

The consultant is the catalyst for the quality, rigor, coaching, and passion for public interfacing needed for a successful end result