Essay Coaching, College Advising, and Mentorship/Tutor: English literature, language arts, study skills, & learning pod groups

Learning is better together. Innovations: Education Advocacy Group provides assisted learning in group settings (for middle to high school English class pods), for individuals, in person or online. Knowing the higher ed landscape intimately, after having served in multiple areas of administration from professor, admissions, program director, accreditation liaison officer, Academic Dean, and CEO over a period of 14 years in higher ed admin and having 26 years teaching experience, Dr. Hope offers unique insights into the college selection, advising, and essay process, collaboratively coaching your student to success. I welcome students from 5th-12 and any level of college/graduate school for select mentorship/tutoring in English literature and its subsets (composition, rhetoric, humanities/liberal arts, study skills) individually and/or in groups.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping your student(s) navigate this new learning environment and/or assist in the college selection and essay writing process. Knowing exactly what admissions is looking for and what is important behind the scenes in real life places your essays at a strategic advantage. As principal and owner of Innovations, I conduct each of these student service needs, individually serving students and families in and around San Diego.  Currently, individualized mentorship is at a robust need, but people’s schedules change frequently. Reach out via email at and I am happy to find a time to provide a 30 minute complementary learning assessment.