"Education comes in many ways and forms, and there is no one way that is better than another."

— Hope Umansky

Educational Management Consulting

As Innovations: Education Advocacy Group’s principal and owner, Dr. Hope Umansky is a legacy educator who activates institutions, individuals, and special projects with individualized packages to optimize their potential with truly innovative methods. Creativity comes with innovation. Each school and project have a unique mission, to which she becomes committed and infuses it in the work she creates with her clients.

Each institution, project, or student deserves a consultant who does not use templates or a one-size-fits-all model. Employing a high-touch consulting style, Dr. Hope is very hands-on by observing key aspects of the process as well as spending time within the school environment meeting students, administrators, boards, key partnerships, and stakeholders. Without taking the time to get to know the principals within the institution or the academics with whom she works, a proper individual assessment cannot be made to devise a strategy for optimal results.

"Hope has a single-minded focus on students, their academic success, and beyond."

Nisha M.

Hope Umansky, PhD

After leaving many years in high ranking C-suite higher education administration and teaching, it was time to expand my reach and help other schools, researchers, and students. Innovations: Education Advocacy Group is my mission of helping as many schools, research centers, and students as I am able by imparting hands-on and foreword-thinking higher-education management to increase better efficiencies, accreditation, curriculum development, governing board and agency relationships, strategic partnerships, and strategic communications such as gender, diversity, inclusivity sensitivity, special projects, and individualized support for students. Transformative plans are collaboratively created to improve both Internal and External Efficiencies, Accreditation, Strategic Partnerships, and Communications. My packages are all individualized. As such, they are often structured in a 1-5 stage proprietary step process that occurs over some time. The key work must be done by the agents of the institutions or the individuals. The consultant is the catalyst for the quality, rigor, and coaching needed for a successful outcome and a more engaged community from board to students.

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Arts | English Literature

Fellowship | Women and Violence in the 20th Century

Reed College | Master of Arts in Liberal Studies; English Literature

California Institute for Human Science | MA in General Psychology; PhD in Clinical Psychology

Middle and High School Student Teacher & Educational Consultant

During this time, I had great success isolating the individualized pathway for each student to maximize their talent and success.

College and Graduate level Master Professor in Position, Rhetoric, and Qualitative Research Methods

Each institution, project, and student can emerge in the same way I did onto a path that is aligned with oneself and the mission of the organization.

"She has a bright sense of humor and a creative flare that allows her to stay upbeat and positive and come up with solutions to challenges that would be considered too difficult for others to tackle."