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A Singular Focus on the Whole Student While Driving Organic Institutional Growth. Proprietary Initiatives for Powerful Results. Progressive & Bold Leadership for Strategic Initiatives, Communications, and Campaigns.


An Unwavering
Commitment to Education

There can be no creativity without innovation.

As a 26-year career educator, Dr. Hope has been honored to serve in many diverse positions in traditional and non-traditional institutions. Although she remains teaching undergraduates, Dr. Hope brings to her practice her successful tenure having held roles as an Academic Skills Administrator, Academic Dean, Dean of Strategic Partnerships & Academic Affairs, Program Director, WASC Accreditation Officer, non-profit board member, and CEO.  In 2019, Dr. Hope felt compelled to launch, Innovations: Education Advocacy Group, Inc, a specialty education & higher education practice and educational reform platform. Dr. Hope is available for long-and short-term specialty projects. Known as a bit of a maverick for her singular emphasis on the Whole student, global strategic initiatives, and creative pathways for engagement, Dr. Hope is a also a recognized author and public speaker on student-centric and mission-driven education reform and leadership.

"Do not let your schooling get in the way of your education"

- Mark Twain

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A singular focus on Mission driven initiatives; a powerful & robust tuition and growth driver.



An out-of-the-box, high-touch student centered approach to educational consulting with a laser focus on Vision execution and community. 



On all the many levels you may engage Innovations, impact is tracked & measured; equally as important, meaning & impact need to be assessed qualitatively. Set up an initial inquiry to discuss what makes your community unique.

Hope Umansky, PhD

Founder of Innovations Advocacy

Having been an out of the box thinker my entire life, I am a 26-year career educator and want to share my passion for transformative educational experiences by expanding my reach into other institutions and research organizations to assist with initiatives across all institutional levels and stakeholder lines.

After leaving many years in high ranking C-suite higher education administration and teaching, it was time to expand my reach and help other schools, researchers, and students.

Awarded for outstanding teaching and administrative methods in the development of integrative curriculum models based in rigor and cutting-edge learning theory. Recognized strategic consulting-based efficiencies in student services, academic affairs, strategic communications & partnerships through a holistic view of the institution and student.

I have known Hope Umansky for a decade and I have always found her to be of great integrity, wisdom and a very highly skilled Academic and CEO.
William A. Tiller, PhD
Stanford Emeritus Professor

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